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Case Presentation – In this step, the patient and parents are invited to meet with our coordinator to discuss the treatment and financial breakdown.

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• Separation/Impression – Hygienist or Level II assistant. We will be putting small elastics between your teeth in the separation appointment. This is done in order to make room between your teeth to fit the bands. If we are making you a retainer first, we will be taking impressions of your teeth. This appointment usually lasts around 10 – 15 minutes.

 Insert – Doctor. This is the appointment that we insert the retainer. This is about a 15 – 20 minute appointment.

• Banding -Hygienist/Doctor. At this appointment, we will be fitting the back bands. These are circular pieces of metal that fit around your back molars. This appointment lasts anywhere from ½ an hour to an hour.

• Brackets – Hygienist/Doctor. These are the square metal or clear pieces that are put onto all the remaining teeth. This appointment lasts about 3/4 to 1 hour.

• Wires – Hygienist/Doctor. The wires are then attached to the brackets. These wires are then tightened periodically to move the teeth. The Doctor does the fine adjustments.

• Elastic Colours – Hygienist. The donuts are put onto the brackets to hold the wires on. These come in a variety of colours, enabling you to colour match with clothes, seasons, favourite sports teams, etc.

• Short Appointments – Hygienist/Doctor. These appointments are very short appointments where the Hygienist/Doctor check retainers, make quick wire tightenings, generally make sure everything is going fine.

• Removals – Hygienist/Doctor. This is a series of three or four appointments were all the braces are removed and splint wires are put on behind the upper front teeth. Find out more about the removal process.