Why come to an Orthodontist?

The parents or the general dentist has concerns regarding crowding, early prevention, jaw alignment or lack of eruption of teeth.


How much does it cost to have an initial evaluation at Zammit Orthodontics?

There is no charge for the initial evaluation or for any recall visits. There may be a charge for TMJ evaluations or for second opinions.

Once treatment starts there is a fee that is paid monthly or quarterly.


What is a good age to start seeing an Orthodontist?

Age 7 to 8 is the ideal age for a screening unless your dentist or parent has specific concerns. We do not, however, usually start treatment at this age.


What is the average length of orthodontic treatment?

The average length of treatment is 1.5 years in braces. If functional appliances are required prior to braces to correct jaw alignment, treatment time will vary depending on growth of the jaws. Difficult cases can take up to two years. On rare occasions, it can take longer than 2 years.


Does everyone have to wear a retainer?

Throughout active treatment, not everyone needs to start treatment with a retainer however, after the braces are removed, night time retainers are of vital importance in keeping teeth stable.


Is Orthodontics restricted to braces?

No. In this office, orthodontics is not restricted to just braces. It encompasses Jaw Joint problems, Sleep Apnea and Snore Appliances, grinding night guard appliances, mouth guards for sports, and functional appliances to align the jaws.