Our policies are structured with your convenience in mind.

Appointment Policies:

–          All working appointments, consultations and recalls are scheduled between

–          Short checkup / tightening / retainer checks are scheduled throughout the day

–          You must phone ahead in order to schedule any emergency appointments

–          For emergencies on the weekend or after hours, please call the office and after hour instructions will be available on the answering machine.


Payment Policies:

–          Office staff will fill out all pre-determination forms, and subsequent insurance forms, however, the subscriber must submit their own forms.  Orthodontists are not set up to e-file.

–          All fees are broken down into an Initial Fee and Monthly payments.

–          Payment is due anytime during the month it is billed out in

–          We do not charge HST, or interest on outstanding accounts, if paid in a timely manner

–          Please contact the office if you are not going to be able to make payments on time.  Sometimes, the payment schedule can be revised.

–          If your account is behind and there is no activity on your account for ninety days after braces are removed, the account will be placed with our local Credit Bureau.


Replacement Costs:

–          If an appliance is lost or broken (i.e. the dog chews it) there will be a lab cost only to remake it.

–          Splint wires and invisible retainers (retention retainers) have a one year guarantee.  After the year, a lab cost will be charged for repair / replacement.


Parking Policies:

–          Free parking is provided for patients of Zammit Orthodontics in the 10 spots behind our building.

The parking lots surrounding  the Zammit Orthodontics parking lot off of Salina and Cherry Streets are not for our use, and your car will be towed away should you park there.  THEY ARE NOT OWNED BY ZAMMIT ORTHODONTICS