Meet the Team at Zammit Orthodontics

The friendly staff at Zammit Orthodontics aims to maintain professional courteous lines of communication at all times between our patients, parents and referring dentists.

Prior to any decisions about your dental health, we offer an opportunity to “Meet the Orthodontist” where either Dr. Zammit or Dr. Delia will sit down and explain any of our in-house procedures.

Dr. Mark Zammit

Dr. Zammit graduated as a dentist in 1982 and as an orthodontist in 1992. In between these years he worked in Pediatric/Public Health Dentistry for 4 years and another 3 years in Northern Labrador as a general dentist before returning to school for Orthodontics.

He has been an Orthodontist in the Niagara area since 1993 in both St. Catharines and Ridgeway. In 2002, Dr. Zammit passed the fellowship from the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with family, playing tennis, skiing, cycling, playing in the Mandolin Orchestra of Niagara and doing community service through the Rotary Club of St. Catharines. He’s also a member of the St. Catharines Business Club.

Dr. Ronald Delia

Dr. Delia received his first dental degree from the University of Malta and practiced for 2 years at St. Luke’s Hospital. He spent 4 years in post graduate school at the University of Toronto and received his diploma in Orthodontics. After his studies, Dr. Delia was a professor at the University of Toronto for 3 years.

Dr. Delia was also associated with the Orthodontic program at the hygiene department of Niagara College.


Administrative Assistant, Case Presentation Administrator



Administrative Assistant



Administrative Assistant



Certified Dental Assistant II



Registered Dental Hygienist



Registered Dental Hygienist



Registered Dental Hygienist



Registered Dental Hygienist



Lab Technician, Specialist in all orthodontic appliances and mouthguards, sleep apnea & snore and TMD appliances



Lab Technician, Specialist in all orthodontic appliances and mouthguard, sleep apnea & snore and TMD appliances



Office Manager