As dental specialists, orthodontists are particularly at an advantage to help in the treatment of sleep apnea (the condition where you stop breathing several times while you are sleeping) and snoring as well as the straightening of teeth and jaw alignment. WE have already helped many patients, and we prefer to work in conjunction with a medical team.

Jaw alignment retainers used in improving jaw relationship in growing individuals can also be used in sleep apnea and snoring patients because they are similar in design. These forward jaw positioning appliances increase the distance between the back of the throat and the tongue or the roof of the mouth. Thus the retainers have been able to reduce the incidence of snoring and the frequency of sleep apnea episodes in the mild to moderate sleep apnea patients. In some instances, the surgical correction of the jaws in adults with sleep apnea has also been effective in helping moderate to severe cases.

It seems likely, also, that the combination of medical treatments (forced air pressure <CPAP> or pharyngeal laser surgery <UPPP>) and dental treatment (dental appliances or jaw surgery) may improve treatment outcome in sleep apnea.

Our aim in the office is:

1. To be part of the medical “sleep” team.
2. To construct and monitor these oral appliances in our offices in St. Catharines and Ridgeway
3. To prepare Adult individuals for Orthognathic surgery if there was a jaw and occlusal disharmony present as well as sleep apnea.